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Project Summary

BulkApparel portal is an ecommerce platform for users to purchase the apparels which can be ordered in bulk level like in heavy numbers as well. Here the customers can navigate to different sections to check various products and can order them as per need.

Business Requirement

Bulkapparel portal is developed for the customers to purchase items in bulk and get discounts on them. The data or inventory for the portal is fetched from the EDI and all the orders are processed on EDI only. Although Bulkapparel admin panel has accessibilities to do the modifications in all the products as per need.

Work Done

There is a website developed for this project which has few details mentioned below.

Website Development
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There is a website development for the Bulkapparel in which a third party named EDI is used for fetching the products and processing the orders which are made by the customers. There are scripts developed by which data is fetched from EDI and then modifications of products could be done at the admin panel. All the orders which a user will make will be listed in the backend and manually those orders can be sent to EDI for processing and there are also some schedulers applied which will take all pending orders from Bulkapparel to EDI for the processing. Order Status etc will be updated and informed to clients as well as per need in the portal.

Technologies Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP