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There's a method to the Madness

The project lifecycle starts with a detailed discussions with our clients of their goals and vision with their projects, which we turn into formal documentation and eventually into milestones and deliverables that go into a contract. We then conduct a thorough assessment of the requirements and determine the best technology stack, team structure, tools and methodologies to be used and a rough timeframe for the project. With the diversity of expeirence and skillset in our team, we have capabilities to impelement pretty much any technology/platform or any development methodology (Agile, Lean, Kanban, Waterfall) depending on the requirements and suitability for a project. Regardless, we keep our clients informed of the progress, hurdles, and tracking of milestones and project completion. Most of our clients choose to retain us for maintenance post delivery of the project.

How We Work

Our work process


Our Leaders hold Education Degrees in Computer Science from Elite schools in the US hence offering the perfect foundation to build the team. With experience working


Our diverse set of skills and Experience start right at the top with our leaders demonstrating soft skills required on a daily basis. We have the right mix of technologies,


We beleive transparency and communications play critical roles in the success of projects. We strive to become trusted advisors on tech/software questions for our