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Recall Alert for Life Case Study

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Project Summary

Recall Alert For Life (RAFL) is a service offered to Home Inspectors, Realtors and end consumers/Home owners/ home buyers to check their appliances for any recalls by the manufacturer. RA would provide the user an option to submit appliance information and generate a RA report which will include details about appliances and their associated recalls.

Business Requirement

The RAFL system is generated to inspect the home appliances of the customers in various ways like by customers self or by inspectors or by referral. But in any way the ultimate objective is to provide services and get business out of it. There are ways to enhance/promote business by giving some bonus, discounts, free reports, life time services of inspected properties etc.

The System is developed using few third party services like google vision to recognize the texts from the images, ISN & Spectora to fetch the users into our system, for the payment processing etc. Also there are dealers on portals who can purchase report credits in bulk and can give those to their customers as well.

Work Done

There is the following work done for this project.

Website Development
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There is a website development for the RAFL which is having all the features of the portal and is for every user type like Admin, Inspectors, Real Estate Agents, Appliance Service Technicians and also for the Customers.

Mobile Application
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Mobile Application is developed for both iOS and Android Platform. Mobile application is developed for the Inspector users only who can check their upcoming appointments, do inspections and submit the properties for generation of reports for the customers. Application can work even in offline or low internet access areas as well with some limitations.

Technologies Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP